Heating for Homeowners

Heating for Homeowners

Are you planning to build a new house? Renovate your kitchen or bathroom? Extent  your home? We can provide you with floor heating solutions for almost any type of floor structure and surface. Our high-quality products are cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-install.
Need to clear snow from driveway, steps or sidewalk?
Our snow and ice clearing system can make your property safe from snow and ice without making use of salt, shovel or manpower.

Renovating your floors?

Danfoss Link - wireless control


Renovating your floors? Danfoss Link - wireless control Contact
For renovation the ultra thin DEVI heat mat can be laid directly on top of the old floor.

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Danfoss Link is a new and innovative electrical floor heating control system.

Danfoss Link - the heating control system of the future

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Heating for your home

Heating for your home

You can confidently install electric floor heating under all types of flooring such as wood, tiles, laminate and linoleum.

With our energy-saving heating system you get cosy comfort and quality of life in your home